Hartwick Properties Online Marketing

The Hartwicks are a small, but powerful online marketing team/family.  We have been working and making a full time living online for years combining our experience with marketing, development and business to create products in a variety of niches.

Adam Hartwick:  Co-Owner of Hartwick Properties and Affiliate Account Manager at Reliant Media Group

Kevin Hartwick:  Co-Owner of Hartwick Properties and Account Manager for United Media LLC

Mark Hartwick:  Co-Owner of Hartwick Properties and Tech Manager at Montour School District

Mark and Adam started Hartwick Properties in 2005 with the hopes of creating a revolutionary online musical collaboration platform and changing the way music was made online.  This passion led quickly to web businesses in a variety of online niches.

After graduating college with a degree in business, Kevin was soon incorporated to a leading roll in the family company.  Bringing his business knowledge and a fresh new look to an already successful endeavor.

We have sold millions of dollars worth of products for ourselves, our companies and for others since creating Hartwick Properties.  We have now decided to give back to the industry that has given us so much over the years.  We are currently working on information products, which will help online entrepreneurs from newbies to gurus alike!